Faculty & Staff

Timothy M. Jesurun

Teaching Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.A., Calvin College, M.A., Ph.D., The University of Akron

Email:  tmjesuru@sewanee.edu

Timothy M. Jesurun has been a visiting professor at the University of the South since the 2014-2015 academic year. He received his B. A. in Psychology from Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2005 and his Master’s and Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from The University of Akron.

Dr. Jesurun’s primary research is on the deficits in soft skills among recent college graduates and early-career professionals. This has lead to work on communication skills, self-management, and creativity. Dr. Jesurun has also worked with students outside the classroom on topics such as bridging the soft skill gap, training for innovation, and training for critical thinking.

Dr. Jesurun’s highest goal as a teacher is not to merely expose students to a cross-section of information about psychology but to develop in them the critical skills needed to succeed both within and beyond the domain of psychology. It is important that students are actively engaged with the material, can think and communicate clearly about it, and that they get developmental feedback to grow their skills.

Dr. Jesurun’s main hobby is designing and playing board games, and he runs a regular board game night on campus for students. Dr. Jesurun has a wife and three young children with whom he lives in Tracy City.



Courses offered
   100  Introduction to Psychology
   101  Principles of Psychology
   206  Industrial and Organizational Psychology  
   226  Psychology of Creativity
   251  Research Methods and Data Analysis (lab)